My philosophy

My philosophy

My approach to nutrition was built on my personal rocky road. Name it, and I probably tried it: Restrictive diets, elimination of food groups, counting calories, over-exercising, and many more. The result? Frustration, very low energy, self-abuse of both my body and mental state. I was in survival mode instead of thriving. After deciding I want to help others to feel the best they can, I knew I had to take care of myself first. Today, after studying nutrition, my personal experience, and working with people of different walks of life, I have fine-tuned my approach to health & nutrition.

Here are the components of my nutritional philosophy:

I believe that optimized health is comprised of a variety of factors. If some are neglected, it may be more challenging to reach the levels of health we are after. Meaning, we can eat healthily and keep active, but if our sleep is not good and our stress levels are high, it could interfere with our efforts. Having said that, I do live on this planet and know how life can get, therefore our goal should not be to perfect all aspects, but to improve on the areas that may require our attention.

Time is probably the most important asset we have. What mostly makes us different is what we prioritize in a day. Priorities are personal and as we go through life, these may change and that is okay. I believe that if we really want to invest in our health, then we must prioritize it higher on our list.

It would be great if there was a magic pill we could swallow and within 30 minutes everything we wish for would happen. However, until they come up with that concept, the only way to reach our goals is to put in the work. Patiently working towards a goal can help us learn what works for us and what does not, our likes and dislikes, where we can improve, what are we okay with and so much more. So maybe that is the magic: Patiently putting in the work and watching improvement happen.

We are fortunate to have so much information available to us at the tip of our fingers. At the same time, it can be overwhelming and confusing. I believe in personalized guidance and support, which is my consultation style: Tell me your goal, and I will help you get there providing you with a tailored plan and individualized tools that fit you, your body and your preferences.

The latest is the greatest? Maybe in some areas, but not necessarily in my nutritional approach. For me, the greatest would be the individualized plan, researched, healthy, proven-to-work, long-lasting, etc. Instead of trendy, I prefer ‘evolving’ – Taking something good that will evolve into something even better, FOR YOU. That is what my nutritional plans are comprised of.

I believe the more restrictive our nutritional choices are, the shorter time we will be able to sustain that way of eating. I provide my clients with simple, long-lasting solutions while attending to their preferences. By doing so, they can stick to their plan for longer, reach their goal, and maintain it.

With my clients, I prefer to stay away from calorie counting, restrictive diets, trends, meal planning and forbidden foods. Instead, I choose to provide you with guidance, tools and support for you to successfully reach your goal. Remember, you are not everyone.

Nutrition is a no-guarantee field. Sadly, we cannot know whether following a healthy lifestyle will doubtlessly result in a disease-free long life. However, it has been shown over and over again that healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices are crucial components in health and longevity.

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