About me

About me

Hi. I’m Shani

I love food and enjoy eating. I also love helping people thrive.
It only became natural to me to combine these two and become a certified nutrition consultant.

Up until my late 30’s, I thought I knew much about healthy eating and lifestyle. Turned out, I knew very little. I had no idea about the real power of food, what to eat or not to eat in order to truly feel healthy and other concepts I was completely unaware of. In addition, being active has been my passion for as long as I remember but little did I know that I could perform better with the right foods for me, my body and my activity. After becoming a mom and taking care of myself was less of a priority, it became difficult for me to function as my energy was easily drained and exhaustion dictated every choice I made. For years I endured until I reached my breaking point, also my turning point.

I delved into the world of nutrition. Searching, reading, learning as much as I could about how foods contribute to how we feel. But the information I found was overwhelming, I couldn’t tell which was right and best for me. To set things straight, I decided to educate myself the proper way and went back to the classroom. I acquired the knowledge and proper tools to evaluate and address my food intake while considering my lifestyle choices which made a whole lot of difference in me. I have tried and tested various nutritional approaches and found the best match to my personality, preferences and lifestyle. My former high-octane self was back and I feel truly grateful, happy and energetic. I feel privileged to share my knowledge so my clients can thrive, live their life to the fullest while taking their health to the next level.

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    Why work with a nutrition professional?

    With so much information out there, it is important to receive an individualized plan which will support you, your body and your lifestyle. I can help you with that.
    Whatever your goals may be, I provide personalized solutions. I believe you are unique and should receive a customized plan to help you reach your goal. We work together to ensure you are improving what you want, feeling great and working towards your objective.

    Lemon Tree Nutrition Services


    Targeted nutrition
    tailored especially to
    the female client

    The LTN
    Energizing Method

    A 10-module method built
    to improve women’s
    energy & vitality

    1:1 Nutritional

    A tailored-to-you plan
    so you can reach your
    personal goals


    Support your active
    lifestyle with the
    right nutrition for you

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