Sessions & Pricing Options

Sessions & Pricing Options

I am glad you are here. It means you are interested in actively making some improvements to your body and health. The information below lists the consultation packages I offer.
Consultations can be in-person or virtual.
All prices are in Canadian Dollars and include tax.

Book a 30-minute call, free of charge. In this call, you share with me your nutritional goals and your main concerns. We learn a little bit about each other and see if we wish to proceed and work together.

Price - Free of charge

Once we agree to work together, you will be required to fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire.
After I evaluate your answers, we set a 90-minute meeting to dive deeper into your answers, concerns, challenges, goals etc. Here is where we lay out the foundations and first steps for you to start working on right away.

Price - $230

After the 90-minute consultation, we decide together what is the best way to proceed, based on your personal goals and preferences. Depending on the chosen package, it is highly recommended to have follow-up sessions every 2 weeks. In cases where you begin with a smaller package and would like to move into a bigger package, you will only pay the difference between the two.

All options below must follow step 2.

All packages have a time limit depending on individual cases.

Options are:

A single follow-up session, 45 minutes - $115
Lemon Package - 2 follow-up sessions - $397
Orange Package - 6 follow-up sessions - $937
Grapefruit Package - 10 follow-up sessions - $1687

Each package may include additional support when necessary, depending on your goals, needs and the size of the chosen package. Such additional support may include valuable personalized resources and tips, cheat sheets, and other bonuses to help you reach your goals.

These follow-ups are only available for clients who have completed a consultation package. Normally done once a month, these 15-minute chats help you keep on track, provide continuous accountability, consider fine-tuning, and answer questions you may have.

Price - $50

Got some questions?

Here are some answers

Professional nutrition consultants are able to address a variety of nutrition-related struggles in a safe and individualized way. I will be asking you all the questions necessary to make an informed decision about the best plan for you to reach your goal. Then together we will work on gradually implementing the plan, make adjustments when needed while ensuring you are working towards your goal.

After you and I decide we want to proceed and work together towards your goal, you will be asked to fill in a few documents. Next, we will have an initial consultation followed by sessions, which are ideally done once a week or every 2 weeks. We work together on gradually implementing the plan, make adjustments when needed while ensuring you are working towards your goal.

Choosing to work with someone can be tough. I get it. Exactly for that reason, I provide a 30-minute inquiry call in which you and I chat to see if we are a good fit to work together. This call is completely free!

Let’s chat!

Fill in the information below so we can schedule a FREE 30-minute call to learn if we want to work together.
It is a no-commitment, completely free inquiry call!

    Lemon Tree Nutrition Services


    Targeted nutrition
    tailored especially to
    the female client

    The LTN
    Energizing Method

    A 10-module method built
    to improve women’s
    energy & vitality

    1:1 Nutritional

    A tailored-to-you plan
    so you can reach your
    personal goals


    Support your active
    lifestyle with the
    right nutrition for you

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